WHO: Anyone with cash to spare.

WHAT: Make donations to organizations that protect civil liberties and human rights.

WHERE: Wherever.

WHEN: If you donate before the end of the calendar year, your donation is deductible for the 2016 tax year. Take advantage of this now, as the new Trump tax plan proposes reducing or eliminating deductions for charitable giving.

WHY: These organizations will be a literal lifeline during the Trump presidency. They will be at the front line of the fight against a government that wants to take away people’s freedoms. We need them.


  • Select the organization of your choice. Jezebel has a great list. Suggestions include the American Civil Liberties Union, Council on American-Islamic Relations, the NAACP, NexGen Climate Action, and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Also consider the Freedom From Religion Foundation (not on the Jezebel list).
  • Donate whatever you can. Even $1.00 if that’s all you can spare. Every bit helps.